How to Earn CHIPS CHIPS Frequency
Sign-Up 1,000 One Time
Mobile App Download Download the official LVMS mobile app AND register 1,000 One Time
Invite Your Friends 500 One per day
Tell Us About Yourself Survey Answer the Tell Us About Your survey 300 One Time
Participate in Trivia Question Answer a LVMS trivia question 300 One Time
Sweepstakes Entry Enter a LVMS Fan Zone sweepstake or promotion 500 One Time Per Sweepstakes
Facebook Connect/Enable Connecting your Facebook account to the rewards program 500 One Time
Twitter Connect/Enable Connecting your Twitter account to the LVMS Fan Zone 500 One Time
Twitter Follow Follow the LVMS Twitter account 300 One Time
Instagram Connect/Enable Connecting your Instagram account to the LVMS Fan Zone 500 One Time
Instagram Follow Follow the LVMS Instagram account 300 One Time
YouTube Connect/Enable Connecting your YouTube account to the LVMS Fan Zone 500 One Time
YouTube Channel Subscribe Subscribe to the LVMS YouTube channel 300 One Time
Weekly Codes Enter a weekly code 500 One Time
Question of the Month Answer the question of the month 500 Once per month
Blog Codes Enter a blog code 500 Bi-weekly
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